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On The Hunters Advantage Podcast we discuss products, strategy and tips with guests and outdoor industry brands that you can trust. Our guest list includes the National Wild Turkey Federation, MTN OPS, Vortex Optics, Accubow, HHA Sports and many more.

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Our blog post are aimed at a variety of audiences— Bowhunters, public land enthusiasts, target archers, etc. Whether its what we learned on a recent out of state hunt, how to hunt and scout public lands, gear reviews or whatever topic we discuss you can trust that it is honest, quality information and feedback.

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Christian Babcock is the founder of The Hunters Advantage Podcast & Blog. He wanted to provide other hunters with in depth information that will help them be successful at what they love to do. Whether its writing articles about his experience chasing game or interviewing owners and executives from the biggest outdoor brands in the industry he does it all. Learn more about Christian by clicking below!



Great Podcast! Really enjoyed hear from Jake Major, he has such a passion for archery. Cobra is producing and developing new arhcery products with a real bow hunters experience in mind. Great info. Please keep it up!!!”