Cobra Switch Release Review

You’ve been shooting your 3D bow all spring and summer, but now its time to switch back to your hunting setup and get ready for the fall. The back tension release you’ve been using for months now isn’t the ideal release for hunting big game, so you have to switch back to your thumb release. The release doesn’t feel the same. The grip is different, the finger configuration is different, the weight is off and it feels foreign after spending months with a different release in hand. This difficult transition from 3D shooting to hunting could be avoided, but how? The new “Switch” release by Cobra Archery aims to get rid of this transition time as well as provide the industry with an affordable and reliable 3D & hunting release in one. The Switch release isn’t like most thumb button releases that exists today. It is a dual functioning release that can be used as a thumb trigger or a back-tension with the switch of a single set screw. A few other key features to mention are its 360-degree rotating head, military type II hard coating anodizing and it is made from T-6 aluminum and stainless steel. This release adds some serious value with 4 functional modes for a variety of shooting applications and it only costs $179.99.

 First off, the release can be used as a regular thumb release. It is a four-finger release that can be activated with a thumb button by simply applying back pressure with your thumb. It has a module on the back of the release where you can adjust the hot and cold settings for a more personalized shooting experience. This is valuable because every archer prefers a different sensitive setting when launching arrows downrange.

 The second way the Switch can be shot is as a back-tension release. By switching the set screw located on the top of the release to the other hole it is ready to be shot as a back tension. Drawing your bow in this position can be a little tricky, but is doable. You should be using the inside portion of your release hand to draw the bow. If you use pressure from your outer fingers as well, you are sure to send a few arrows into the pasture out of sight. The back tension is great for shooting indoor and 3D targets, but isn’t a norm to see hunters shooting.

 The third way to shoot this release is in simultaneous positioning mode. This means you can operate the release as a back tension and thumb button all at once. This results in a very hot release that wants to let go of the arrow quickly. This is because there is two pressure points to fire the arrow and you use them simultaneous which cuts your release time in half. This positioning isn’t designed for most archers, but instead for a select few who want a unique shooting experience.

 The last feature to be noted is the no fire training ability of this release. By ordering an extra set screw you can fill both holes and use it as a training device. This means the release is no longer shootable by thumb or back tension. You can use this feature for curing target panic, working on your draw cycle or whatever you see fit. Note that the additional set screw doe not come with the release but can be purchased through Cobra Archery’s website.

 One of the most important things when choosing archery equipment is choosing the release that fits your needs. Thumb releases are great for hunting applications. They help break bad habits like punching the trigger as soon as your pin touches the target. Thumb activated releases also help your accuracy by forcing you to “pull through” your shot. Target archers typically lean more towards back tension releases when shooting indoor and 3D tournaments. This style of release allows the shot to go off seamlessly by firing a surprising the archer when he or she applies enough back tension to open the calipers on the release. Regardless, the release is a critical point of connection between the archer and his equipment. Picking the right release and being proficient with it will benefit you greatly when your opportunity shows itself on the target course or on the field. You can view the product release video of the Switch here.

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