This Tree Stand Manufacturer Is Solving The Limitations Of The Modern Tree Stand

Modern tree stands have changed the way that we hunt. We have the advantage of a better vantage point, staying above the line of sight of wild game and keeping our scent off the ground. But what happens when the perfect trail, field edge or ridge is anything but perfect for hanging a tree stand? Anyone that has spent extended periods of time in the woods realizes that finding the perfect tree can sometimes be a nightmare. It is often too large in diameter or contains overhanging limbs that are too large to cut with a common handsaw. If you have spent enough hours in the woods, you have encountered the following situation. You’ve been scouting public land, your home property, or your new lease and have found the perfect spot. There are 4 trails that converge in one singular path and happens to be in between a corn field and a bedding area, but there is one issue: there isn’t a tree worth hanging a tree stand within shooting distance of the trail. At this point you have a couple of options. You can try hunting off the ground or choose to hang your stand well off from the optimal location.

This hassle no longer has to plague hunters thanks to Out On A Limb MFG. This tree stand manufacture based in Enid, OK is changing the way we hunt. Matt Garis and his team have developed “the first tree stand that can hang on a horizontal limb.” This innovative technology takes the power out of mother nature’s hand and give the hunter the ultimate advantage. This stand truly gives you ability to hunt any tree you want. Although Out On A Limb manufactures several different pieces of gear for the woods, I am going to focus solely on their flagship product, the TS1 tree stand. The idea for the TS1 came to fruition when Matt Garis realized that there wasn’t a single usable tree within 70 yards of his favorite trail on his northern Oklahoma deer lease. Rather than accept defeat, Matt went back to his shop and the TS1 was born.

This is a photo of popular social media influencer, “Alabama Boss” as he tries out an Out On A Limb product during an episode of Bootstrappers.

This is a photo of popular social media influencer, “Alabama Boss” as he tries out an Out On A Limb product during an episode of Bootstrappers.

The TS1 tree stand, pictured above, is a lightweight, aluminum two-part system. The adjustable bracket weighs in at 9 pounds while the stand itself contributes 11 pounds for a total system weight of right at 20 lbs. The bracket pictured above has a multitude of holes drilled throughout giving you 360 degrees of tree stand rotation. There isn’t an angle that this bracket doesn’t allow you to sit at. This technology turns any tree into “the tree.” Not to mention the TS1 can support up to a 300lb individual. The seat on the stand is dual functional. It can be locked in an upright position for when you feel like standing or laid down and sat in through an all-day sit. The stand is honestly that comfortable. It’s not a stand that you’re going to want to haul 3 miles back on public land, but for someone that wants a built to last tree stand for their lease or home property, this is the one for you.

The only negative feedback I have heard about the TS1 is the price. Although it is expensive at $389.99, you cannot put a price tag on being able to hunt any tree in any environment at any time. The comfortability and versatility of the TS1 will allow you to spend more time in the woods therefore creating more opportunities for success. We spend thousands of dollars on deer leases, archery equipment, rifles, camo, etc. How much are you willing to invest in a piece of equipment that allows you to get closer to the game you love to chase and spend more time in the  woods? Not to mention you are supporting an American-made tree stand manufacture.

 To date there has only been one tree stand returned to Out On A Limb and they maintain a great customer satisfaction rating. If any issues arise you can contact the owner, Matt Garis, directly and he is sure to fix your issue in a timely manner. I sat down with Matt last week to discuss his products on my podcast, The Hunters Advantage Podcast. Matt allowed the product to do most of the talking and I was very impressed. They not only manufacture, “the worlds on tree stand that will hang on a horizontal limb” but also build camera arms, bag targets and many other tree stand models. Every stand from Out On A Limb is crafted by hand and offers a lifetime warranty, so rest assured that this tree stand will be money well spent.

 Tree stands can be your greatest ally or a huge disappointment. When it comes to the quality of my tree stand, nothing is a better indicator of how much time I will be spending in the woods. If you want to check out a more in depth look at their flagship stand you can view that here. You can also visit Out On A Limb Mfg. directly at